Over the centuries, luxury has always been associated with the possession of beautiful, often unnecessary things. In the modern history of men, this concept has gone through a very long time and conceptually evolved from excessive, wasteful consumerism, through an extravagant indicator of status, to the unique value of lived experiences.

Today luxury means value instead of possession. This perspective set our design direction while working for the Latre Luxury brand.
Quality over quantity is the guiding principle of collecting experiences that count. We describe luxury in three words: slow, disconnected and present.

The Latre Luxury is a new concept and definition of luxury

This design was inspired by the harmony and balance known from the works of the greatest creator of all time - Mother Nature.


The subtle shapes and soft lines are reminiscent of free brushstrokes executed by the artist as if inadvertently.

The signet derives its shape from one of the nature's most beautiful natural creations - shells. In this case, we modeled it on the extremely plastic and irregular ocean oyster.


The color palette is a full spectrum of subtle combinations of plum, gray and gold. Sublime prestige but without unnecessary glamour.

The logotype

main logotype
logotype construction
vertical logotype
horizontal logotype


Headings: Tajwal Light

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Subheadings: Tajawal Regular

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Paragraphs: Tajawal Regular

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Color Palette

Dark Matter

C0 M92 Y60 K00
R25 G2 B10


C37 M40 Y33 K1
R165 G148 B154


C4 M2 Y2 K0
R239 G245 B245


C54 M75 Y64 K65
R61 G36 B39


C45 M49 Y81 K24
R123 G105 B65


C37 M40 Y66 K7
R157 G139 B101