The idea behind the project is a reference to the elementary human association of the most important concepts in this industry, such as big data, digital transformation or high tech with an image of a cloud. The signet itself is a detail cut out from the contour of the cloud illustration, indicating that the Polish Data Center Association is a part of a larger digital environment.

Logotype construction:

horizontal layout

Logotype construction:

vertical layout


dark / light

We embedded the brand identity in a blue color palette, which, according to color theory and color psychology, is identified with such values as stability, harmony, peace, calmness and trust also indicates connotations with professionalism, high quality, security and ethics.


#071C34C100 M86 Y48 K61R7 G28 B42


#6298BCC64 M30 Y15 K2R98 G152 B188


#C0CED1C29 M13 Y17 K0R192 G206 B209


#144361C96 M67 Y38 K29R20 G67 B97


#87B2CCC51 M19 Y14 K1R135 G178 B204


Google Font Public Sans 600

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Google Font Public Sans 500

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Google Font Assistant 400

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